Brilliant crew. Latest gear. Extensive local knowledge. Success comes by design, not by chance...


f you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - old African Saying.

Over the last seven years, Farsight Productions has emerged as a leading production outsourcing facility thanks to faithful and consistent application of this mantra. We are the preffered logistics, rentals and personell resource partner for foreign film crews, broadcast houses, news agencies, advertising / PR agencies and corporates in East Africa.
Our solid reputation has earned us numerous fruitful working relationships in the region and beyond as we continously re-invest in networks, skills and state-of-the-art tools. If you are looking for to get quality results within a strict timeline and a fixed budget, you have come to the right place.

Go ahead, click around, get to know us. Welcome to Farsight ...


Technical CAPACITY


he media landscape is shifting rapidly, with newer technologies and standards emerging daily and falling distribution costs exposing audiences to more and more material from all corners of the globe.

Consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and spoilt for choice, resulting to steep production demands to match rising tastes and preferences. At Farsight, we understand these dynamics all too well. We know that your message must stand out to make a lasting impression in a noisy and cluttered market space.

Accordingly, consistent investment in the latest audio-visual production tools, techniques and standards is, to us a top priority. Trust us to wow your audience with slick visuals and carefully crafted soundscapes to give your production that world-class touch.


Creative ACUMEN


very production initiative comes with it's own unique set of needs. At Farsight Productions, we have had the priviledge of succesfully partnering with with dozens of production teams both locally and abroad. We have had repeated exposure to the unique constraints of filming under a wide range of budgets, timelines and working environments. As a result, we bring to every production years of experience, unbridled enthusiasm and deep local knowledge to take on any combination of challenges a new assignment may throw our way.

The notion of 'Creative Problem Solving' defines our work ethic; the awareness that overcoming obstacles is not about throwing money at problems, but the savviness to apply extensive experience and tap into our network of partnerships to accomplish more, faster with less. This is way, you can count on us for consistent, high quality and cost effective services




If I had eight hours to cut a tree, i'd spend six hours sharpening the axe." The idea rings particularly true when to comes to the rigours of the production process. The eventual value of time and effort spent on set (or location) depends on how adequately the support services are designed to ensure the smooth, flow of things as envisioned on paper prior to production.

We liase with a broad network of trusted suppliers and consultants to provide every level of production support; film licenses, work permits, clearing and forwarding of freighted equipment, accomodation, transport, security, catering, casting and extras, art department, equipment rentals as well as post production facilities.
We are also competent at setting up internet and communication services at remote locations

We are all about Results

Time. Effort. Skills. Resources. All these count for nothing without a definate sense of purpose to meet a specific goal. No one sets out to make a great production for the sake of making a great production. We understand that the success of our work is more than a matter of artistic or technical merit. We must help you accomplish some clear, measurable outcomes - views, responses, approval ratings, chart positions, downloads, sales enquiries, sales and even profits. What exactly do you intend to acheive? We will work together through a simple four-step process to get you there faster than you thought possible ...


we listen


You understand the terrain that defines your working environment better than we do. You have a mental picture of where you are and where you need to go. Our first step is to get a firm grasp of these realities to make sure your team and ours are on the same page. Once we ensure a clear common understanding of the challenge at hand, everything else becomes easy going forward ...


We Plan


We help you map out a clear pathway to accomplishing your ultimate result. We break down complex aspirations into simple acheivable goals. We thoroughly research your best ideas, and address all your concerns. By developing and documenting each significant step for consensus and clarity using industry-standard proffesional tools for budgeting, scripting and overall planning, we build the confidence and momentum to sustain enthusiasm and a strong sense of teamwork that keeps the creative juices flowing ...


we collaborate


At Farsight, the best laid plans seldom go sideways. Our extensive network of able hands and resourceful minds is always available to anticipate and compensate for the unforseen and the unforseeable. Our focus on developing winning synergies over the years has paid off in spades. We are proud of our aptitude for discovering new opportunities to turn every situation to our client's best advantage in real time. Past client's tell others that collaborating with us is a rich and rewarding experience in it's own right.

We are glad to agree.


we deliver


Closure is an essential part of progress. There is hardly any upside to the situation when a production goes over budget or exceeds it's alloted timeline. Our dedication to detailed planning and hard work is all about to sparing our clients and partners from the angst and aggravation of expectation deffered. To us, delivering is not just about handing over the final work. It's about creating the glowing sense of satisfaction when the words, "it's a wrap" come in the same breath as "we should do this again." To which we are only glad to respond, "Soon, if not sooner".

Working with the Farsight team was truly a wonderful experience. I knew exactly what I wanted in my head and from the first meeting amazingly, they made everything happen, down to the last detail. I would recomend this great company any day

John Doe, Bullet-Time Films, United Kingdom